Money Tickets Passport’s FAQ

ABOUT MONEY TICKETS PASSPORT is a blog set up by Fabien David with over 3000 travel photos from around South East Asia and beyond. I quit my day job at TripAdvisor in London at the end of December and got a one-way ticket to Hong Kong. I ended up backpacking for over 4 months around some awesome countries:

Why backpacking in South East Asia?

After 5 years living in the UK, I was craving vitamin D and in January I worked out that I would need to travel pretty far to fast forward the seasons. With the added bonus of the cheap & cheerful food and accommodation and a guaranteed culture shock, South East Asia was a no-brainer. I found warmth, delicious street food and buckets of energy & creativity.

Colourful street photos & asian food

Escaping the British winter weather also meant I was hungry to place bright colorful things in front of the camera lens so I was always on the lookout for mood-lifting shots!

My love of everything edible meant that I had to try as many local dishes as physically possible and Moneyticketspassport includes various attempts at food photography.

Why is the site in French and English?

I made sure to translate as much content as possible to cater for both family and friends, it’s good for SEO too 🙂

Why are all the pictures taken with an iPhone 4?

I went shopping in Hong Kong hoping to find an SLR camera bargain but it proved harder that I thought. Since I was travelling on a shoestring and I knew I had to be careful to make my small savings last as long as possible, I just decided to stick with what I already had! Plus, it turns out the iPhone takes pretty decent pictures with the HDR mode and it fits nicely in a pocket. A pretty good selling point when I had to pack the bare minimum in my backpack 😉

I keep updating the blog wherever I am so come back to the site or subscribe to my rss feed. I love comments!! Don’t hesitate to leave a message, it’s always much appreciated.



Images from Fabien's travels, all captured using his iPhone's camera. With 3000+ photos, Fabien is a confirmed travel junkie with a mild addiction to all things edible, including Apples. ‎ Read More

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4 thoughts on “Money Tickets Passport’s FAQ

  1. Super fotos!
    je pars prochainement au Cambodge, grace a toi, j’ai deja quelques visuels sur quoi essayer de manger, et qu’il va falloir que je me leve tot pour Angkor 😉
    Merci a toi!!!!!
    au fait, toutes tes fotos ont été prises avec un Iphone?

    1. Merci beaucoup Claude. Je tye confirme que toutes les photos de ce blog ont été prises avec mon iphone 4. Je te souhaite un bon voyage au Cambodge et j’espère que tu aimeras ce magnifique pays autant que moi… pour ce qui est des petits plats, fais attention aux brochettes de boeuf… les nôtres étaient fourrées aux fourmies et asticots, c’est vraiment pas terrible!!!

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