2 thoughts on “Siem Reap: Wat Preah Prohm & the giant puppet project parade

  1. Hello Fabien,

    I came across your blog while looking for blogs about the Giant Puppet Project in Siem Reap. I thought you might be interested in looking at our facebook.com/giantpuppetproject page in order to get some real insight into the giant puppets you photographed.

    The facebook page also has the correct names of the puppets you list, i.e. ‘men on stilts’ are actually puppets representing the ancient Cambodian martial art called Bokator. The page also lists the reasons why those particular themes were chosen. The GPP is an education through art event, highlighting endangered species indigenous to Cambodia, along with local cultural appreciation.

    Many thanks,
    Bina Hanley
    Marketing & Communications
    Giant Puppet Project, Siem Reap

    1. Thanks for your comments Bina. As it happens, I’m already a fan of the giant puppets facebook page 😉
      The parade in Siem Reap in February was just amazing… we visited Wat Preah and spotted a massive puppet at the back and children & volunteers busy making sure everything was perfect. That’s how we found out about this amazing project…. a huge thanks to everyone involved!! I’ll make sure to update the captions on my blog to describe the themes more accurately.


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