7 thoughts on “Phnom Penh: Lucky Mart & cambodian street food

  1. What’s Champion chicken?Look so yummy.
    Is there have some eggs in it?
    Anyway,you are having lots of fun.
    Good luck and have a good trip!
    See you soon.

  2. Hi Nina! We called it champion chicken because the restaurant was called ‘champion’ but we don’t know its name in khmer. It was delicious! The chicken was cooked already and brought separately and there were green herbs too and bamboo i think. The soup was coconut and garlic and chilli. We put all the ingredients inside the soup and let it cook for a few minutes. Lovely – but not as good as nina’s special soup 🙂 We’re going to india in a couple of weeks, we’ll let you know if we see Walking Dead!

    1. Hey Nina, the funny thing is we noticed the heater for this dish (as pictured) was made in Vietnam!!!
      We might pop to Pho 24 here in Cambodia for a little dose of vietnamese food 😉

  3. je ne peux pas dire que les viandes que tu présentes me tentent particulièrement mais par contre les sites et paysages ont l’air fabuleux

    1. Oui, certains morceaux de viande n’étaient pas très appétissants. C’est surtout pour le coté insolite que j’ai pris ces photos 🙂
      Les paysages du Cambodge sont effectivement magnifiques tout particulièrement la visite d’Angkor.

  4. Hi Mark and Fabien,
    Were there any mushroom in it?
    Because Champion in french its call mushroom right?
    I dont know.Just think like that.
    Ah and many vietnamese people live in Campuchia and Laos now.And Khmer is our ethnic who live close to Campuchia border.
    Hope you will see my walking dead on the street.
    Have a great trip and have lots of fun.
    Take care

    1. Hi Nina,

      haha it could have been the word mushroom which is “champignon” in French 🙂
      But I think they named the restaurant after sporting champions (they have a big TV screen to watch live sport matches).
      I hope all is well with you, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for your walking dead!!

      Take care,
      The umbrella men

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